World of Warcraft Tips and Secrets

As a new player to World of Warcraft, you can become overwhelmed by all the information that is thrown at you and from the lack of information that isn’t even given to you.

When you sign up for World of Warcraft, you get tons of information guiding you through the game.

At first glance, it can seem like way too much and you won’t know where to start. Also there is a lot of information that isn’t given to you directly and this missing info can be very important. But don’t give up – WoW has a learning curve, but is well worth the effort. And I have a few World of Warcraft tips and secrets that will get you on your way to becoming the next level 80 World of Warcraft phenomenon.

The first World of Warcraft tip and secret is that you should concentrate on leveling your character to level 10, before you do anything else. This will get your character to a decent position that will allow you to do more things.

Once you reach level 10, you should now pick your two professions based on what you feel is necessary and what is exciting to you. Based on the two professions that you pick, you should now focus on doing these professions in order to make money. You need gold to conquer the World of Warcraft game.

Once you have obtained level 10, picked your two professions and begun making money, here is another tip. You should now buy as many large bags as you can, in order to store more gold. The more room you have to hold gold, equals the more amount of gold you can make!

The next tip and secret is to let you in on another source to make gold – the Auction House. At the Auction House, you trade all your consumable goods for money or another member’s items. If you are going to sell your items, make sure you pick a reasonable price, so that other members will definitely buy your product and not someone else’s.

So how do you get items? This WoWWow secret and tip will answer that. A very successful way to get items is from the mobs you encounter and kill throughout your journeys. When you kill them, take their items. These will be free of cost to you. Then bring them to the Auction House to sell and you will make a pure profit.

The final World of Warcraft tip and secret is to get Add-ons. Add-ons can save you so much time off your learning stage because they do some of the work for you. A most useful add-on is Quest Helper which will show you where to go and what to kill in order to complete your quest. This saves you time and let’s you get on to making money much quicker.

The World of Warcraft tips and secrets, I have detailed here are the very elementary tips and secrets, yet they will aid you greatly through your beginning days.

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