Ways How To Make Soap & Soapmaking Safety

If you want to know how to make soap & soapmaking basic instructions, they can be easily found online. Making soap at home from scratch is really taking off as a hobby as more people discover the pleasure of making soap and experiencing the wonderful results of their hard work.

Some people can be  frightened off because soapmaking requires using lye. Lye is a caustic substance and must be handled very carefully, but if you take the necessary precautions, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Something thing you can do if you wish to avoid using lye and still want to make your own soap is to make melt and pour soap from old bars of soap. Just save all those small pieces of soap that you get and put them into a jar with a lid under your bathroom sink. When it is full, you will be able to make several bars of soap from these pieces.

It really is as easy as melting down the soap and pouring it into molds. You can add a creative touch, too, by making soap with colored chips in it for multi-colored soap. You can add custom fragrances, or essential oils too, if you like and many other custom touches.

Still, you will probably want to make your own soap from scratch at some point. While it is not difficult, it does require some patience and care. You should find a thorough instruction book and sit down and read it from cover to cover before you even begin. You should be able to find some really great soapmaking resources online for free.

Above all, read and understand any safety instructions. Lye is a very dangerous substance and must be handled with extreme care. Use the recommended eye protection and use the proper gloves. The instruction manual will probably suggest that you allow your lye solution to sit overnight. It will also tell you to store the mixture in a completely safe location. Be sure to do this.

It will be well worth the effort and care on the next day, when you actually make your soap. You can then add the fragrances and colors of your choice and pour your creation into your unique molds. When your soap is finished, you will love it more than the most expensive soap on the market.

Your friends will love it, too, so be sure to make enough to give away as gifts. Since soap takes up to a month to season and become sudsy and hard, be sure to make it well before the holiday season. Your gift is sure to be a big hit, because everybody loves the luxurious feel of handmade soap.


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