Truth about getting fit and toned

Try imagining the following

There you are, on the beach in that amazing swimsuit lapping up all the attention!  You are looking dynamite in that thight sexy pair of jeans?

Imagine sitting there tanning those hard abs

To desire these things is only natural. Yet why is it that they seem so far out of reach and impossible?  You  recognize that you require it, but that dynamite body never seems to happen for you.

Many so called experts will tell you that you just aren’t working hard enough.  That you have to quit being so lazy and exercise more. But is this really the truth?

I must admit that I once shared the viewpoint of many of those so called experts.  I too believed that weight loss was a matter of calorie counting and busting your butt at the gym.  However, my many years of experience have taught me that this simply is not the case.  That losing weight and looking great is, in fact, a very simple thing to accomplish.provided that you have the correct information. Without the correct information, you will struggle to lose weight regardless of how hard you work at it.

So what’s the correct information?  The most important thing that you want to know in order to create the body of your dreams is that “you are what you eat”.  That is to say that your diet is the #1 factor for experiencing easy weight loss and a gorgeous figure!

I know what you’re thinking…”I’ve heard that before”; “That stuff never works”; “Boring”…

But what if everything you’ve ever heard about diet is completely false…?

Isn’t it true that when you think of “diet” you tend to think of starving yourself or putting yourself through some incredibly demanding eating regiment?  But why?  Could it be that it is what you have been led to believe…?

The weight loss industry has made dieting into just another item on a list of many for purchase…”You can use this diet or that pill and you will lose weight.”  One more weight loss item equals a lot more profits!  Dieting is being sold as a product, which is why nearly all who buy-in to fad diet programs for easy weight loss end up in a worse state than before they began…

Any product specifically designed to produce weight loss will fail in the long run!

Why?  Because lasting weight loss isn’t something that can be purchased!  It’s the result of a lifestyle choice…

What’s the choice?  Your diet – meaning what you eat day in and day out.  This is the key to easy weight loss!  But most people don’t even consciously choose their diet.  They simply react to what’s available along to moment they are hungry.  This is why the drive-through is so poplar.  It’s the easiest solution to a short lunch break…

In order for you to achieve your dream figure you must stop living in reaction and take back your right to choose!  When you make a conscious choice to make your diet a lifestyle perhaps you may begin to notice the results that once seemed so far away come into plain view.

Once you have made the choice the only other thing you have to know to generate phenomenal results is what the best diet for weight loss really is? And although the question of best diet has been strongly debated by many “experts” the answer is beyond contestation. Get fitness tips for women over 40 here but you should also consult your doctor when planning a dieting and fitness regime when in that age group.

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