Rent video games before you buy

How can you be sure you’re getting the best deals on games? It used to be that renting video games was a perfect solution and as inexpensive and pain-free as visiting your local movie rental store. Unfortunately passionate game enthusiasts who rent several games at once discovered how quickly those rental fees can add up. Add to that the heartache of forgeting to return a bunch of games by the due date and you’ll see that the late fees can really hurt.

Check out these timely hints on getting the best deal on games or game rentals.

First, ask your community library. Many offer free game rentals to the community. You probably paid for their offerings with your taxes so you may as well get your money’s worth.

Video Game Review Sites – Many websites offering video game reviews include game details, ESRB ratings, available systems, even actual gameplay footage. Check out the video graphics online first. You may find the game is overly violent for your appetite or unacceptable for your small children, even though the ratings indicate it’s appropriate.

Don’t Pay Retail – With online discount companies like eBay and Amazon, there’s just no reason to pay full price ever again. Many times you’ll find games for XBox 360 on sale by looking at these companies first.

Rent Games Online – Several companies offer online game rentals for one small monthly fee. Members choose from over 6000 of the latest games, delivered right to their mailbox, can hold them as long as they wish, never pay late fees for keeping them too long, and return them to the company with postage-paid envelopes. If you find a game you want to keep, simply notify the company and you can keep it for a small price. A few companies include a free trial period. Check them out to verify how their service works before you join.

Gamers who are serious about their hobby can save a bundle of money when they know where to look.

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