Relatives Make the Best Fundraising Patrons

When it comes time to raise funds for that project or organization a lot of companies or organizations want a pretty simple fundraiser that is not going to take considerable time and especially those that do not take large amounts of up front capital. Utilizing the easy fundraising ideas included in the following could certainly make raising the required funds simple and easy and potentially even fun.

Fundraising can come in the form of services. Car washes are a common site, especially in the summertime. Everybody has seen the group car washes where children are gathered around using their buckets and garden hoses washing cars for a really low price while some stand along the edge of the road waving signs beckoning cars in. Although this does take physical effort, it does not require much financial input. A bottle of soap, some buckets and old rags are all that may be needed.

Along the same line as car washes are dog washes. The idea is the same as the car wash with the exception of having to advertise before hand. Not everybody has their pet inside their car, although some do, so flyers would need to be put out prior to the event.

Fundraising tasks need not become tedious work, keep them fun and simple and experience a much higher return on funding. Regardless of the fundraising option chosen, the aim of raising money could very well be easy and simple and also fun for all involved. Picking a high profit fundraising program will help make the entire project much easier.

If you are looking for a truly unique and easy to market fundraising product that also has the added benefit of being resold to your original customers, consider the Fun Pasta Fundraising opportunity.

Most everyone loves pasta. From spaghetti to macaroni and cheese or hearty soups loaded with shells, pasta is definitely a staple in many households. With Fun Pasta team members offering over 300 different shapes of pasta in addition to pasta salad and soup kits, the product basically sells itself.

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