Online Advertising and Internet Marketing Evolution

The world of business and work opportunities has dramatically expanded the last few years. The Internet has made this possible. People are now witnessing the explosion of the web and learning about tremendous income andbusiness from home opportunities. With the growth of the internet, information and the sharing of knowledge has become massive and widespread. There are now more opportunities than can be imagined because of this medium. Moreover with the gigantic traffic growth on the web, huge opportunities have been created in online advertising.

The latest innovations have taken place in the whole realm of video advertising. Since the purchase of You Tube, Google has been searching for ways to monetize this massive medium. Here are some simple statistics which illustrate how this is growing. There are now more than 1 billion You Tube views per day and this is a huge advertising market that advertisers cannot ignore. There is now technology that allows advertisers to place 7-10 second ads in front of any You Tube video. This technology has massive implications for advertisers.

With over 1 billion views per day and more than 24 hours of video uploads every minute, this medium is only going to get more popular. The “how to” videos have been one of the major types of videos to be uploaded. These videos alone represent a huge market for the supplies of the various products that the “how to” industry would use.

This trend towards online advertising is already in full force. It has been reported that Television revenues decreased by 12% in the past year while online advertising revenue only increase. One the other hand, research companies like Forrester Research forecast that online advertising revenues will increase by 432% by 2014. This is a huge increase and is bound to have an impact.

Enter the latest technology advancement of being able to place ad in front of any public domain You Tube video This is certain to offer serious competition to traditional advertisers since video or text is significantly cheaper and more targeted that any form of traditional advertising.

Learn more about this innovative technology that will revolutionized online advertising, and see how video advertising can change the bottom line of your business.

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