Obtaining Real Estate Help From The US Government

As people in the process of deciding to acquire or sell a piece of property can tell you, the whole procedure can seem scary. Many who look for the assistance of a professional real estate broker endure a whole lot of long sleepless nights struggling to determine who is taking advantage of them more — the broker or the lender. The Federal Trade Commission information pack helps to figure it out.

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The Federal Government provides a helpful information pack that helps new home buyers or home sellers with some FAQs about homes. called “Selling Your Home – Tips for Selecting a Real Estate Professional”. The information pack focuses on the proper amount you should expect to pay for a real estate commission, the ins and outs of contracts as well as business models.

While the information pack is a little brief, with only a few pages, it does come with lots of useful pieces of information. Under the portion about real estate fees, the information pack explains that 6 points is the traditional commission, it is negotiable.

The information pack tries to encourage potential clients to attempt to negotiate for a more affordable commission, since the broker desires your business as much as you need theirs.

You can get the information pack by surfing to the FTC Web page at ftc.gov. When you are ready to buy or sell you may want to visit the Property for Sale site to get a great bargain on a new home.

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