New Trends In Trade Show Displays

Through-out the years we have seen the construction of trade show displays take a major turn, a turn from all wood construction (with the advent of high fuel costs and exorbitant transportation expense)to part wood/part metal and now to a metal/fabric combination. Exhibitors have come to the realization that past methods of booth construction could not be sustained if the industry had to survive.

The state of the economy has played a big part in the direction and the new trends for trade show displays. In the past year with the economy emerging from its down-turn most exhibitors are choosing to have more modularity and cost effective features in their trade show displays. The solution is now to combine metal frame systems with fabric structures and graphics. The ever increasing trend of trade show display providers is to utilize tensioned fabric display systems which not only presents a clean crisp taut finish. but allows for easy less cumbersome shipment.

However, the current trend (modularity/fabrics) is a combination of fabric and metal systems which apart from its functionality allows for sturdiness and ultimately an inviting modular attractive design layout. This combination compensates for not using all wood constructed exhibit booth that were chunky and very expensive to build, set up and dismantle. Also, exhibitors now pay minimal storage (if any).

A little while back, to get away from the older type construction exhibitors turned to all stretched fabric booth.  Stretched fabric booth construction consists of pillow casing fabric over a snap together aluminum frame system. The problem with this type of construction was the overall expense of changing the fabric either when they get dirty or if graphic was printed on the fabric. That limited versatility of usage when shows, products and themes change since the graphics had to be changed to go along with the companies new products. Exhibitors learned that this type of trade show booth construction limited the life span and versatility of the booth.  Yes, everyone says that you can dry clean fabric, but how many companies have done so?  Not many at all. Why? Exhibitors products, graphics and themes change from year to year, and so goes the fabrics. This means new fabric for each new show which can be a major part of your booth structure There goes the savings.

The new trend now is to combine fabric with metal frame structure. Fabrics are inserted directly to the panel frames, no additional frame needed. This works great because the cost of the new fabric is much less than the older pillow case construction which consisted of fabric stretched over snap-together metal fame. The fabric frame is now structural and can hold shelves, monitor and other items. Overall, a much sturdier and versatile booth.

Will this trend last?. I do think it will for awhile. The cost of exhibiting has dropped significantly in the past two years partly due to this newer process. Exhibitors are now enjoying: less hassle from those chunky heavy cumbersome all-wood constructed trade show displays while embracing light-weight easily managed displays. These types of are also availabe as trade show display rentals.

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