New Discovery Marks Milestone in Collagen Research

It exists in most cosmetics. It accounts for 80% of the connections in your skin. But can it truly reverse the ravages of time? That’s what a team of researchers, scientists, and chemists in 1992 set out to find. Releasing their final preparation in May of 2009 in the hosted origin in Gdansk Poland, the makers of Baltic Collagen have made great strides inside the quest for eternal youth. At great variance to anti-aging products today, this anti-aging serum targets the cause of aging, instead of the consequences.

Collagen is of great interest to researchers today as it comprises a lot of the connections of the epidermis and hence, the reason behind the countless dollars spent on collagen research every year. With time, however, the molecular structure of these large molecules changes, leading them to become shorter, and less of a position to do their job. Furthermore skin cells produce a smaller amount of it over time, they produce less accurate copies of it. This two-fold process is also known as the fundamental source of aging and its effects.No matter the result, the apparent signs of aging are due to the effect of protein breakdown. And for humans, the collagen protein makes up 25% of the weight of the human body.

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