MLM Lead Generation

Probably the most frustrating thing any net marketer experiences at one time or another is the lack of leads being generated for their business. It seems every where I turn someone is promising “quality leads.” The problem with these leads is most of them simply don’t work because the leads are usually old or not “targeted” as claimed. Sometimes they have come through email harvesting software but usually through incentive advertising.

What’s incentive advertising? This is where people are offered a payment or a prize to look at your site or squeeze pages. Like a lot of entrepreneurs starting out I’ve used these kind of leads and I can tell you they suck. They are totally useless, period! These people are not interested in your offer, they’re just after their payment for looking at your site. My advise is stay away from them, you’ll save yourself money and the frustration.

So What’s the answer? Generating your own leads using some of the methods listed below.

1) Traffic Exchanges

This method is only going to work if your product is something that’s going to help other net marketers get what they want, and that’s to build their business successfully. Just about every member of a traffic exchange is there for one purpose only, and that’s to promote their particular business opportunity or affiliate offer. Don’t you do this however, because nobody is really interested in your business as they are trying to promote theirs. Sure they will look at your page but that’s only to get credits for their page to be displayed in the system.

I use traffic exchanges to promote tools that will help others build their business. In fact, this is my business. All online marketers need quality tools to be successful, and this is where you can help. You must have a product that’s going to help someone. Promote that product up front and then you can promote your business at the back end if your business is set up to do that.

A business that can be promoted at the back end will usually have some kind of free report that people opt-in to via email. They should get this report as soon as they hit the submit button. You should then send them follow up emails containing your affilaite links. These emails should also be written in such a way as to offer quality content that’s going to help them in their own business.

Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it? Well it doesn’t have to be because you can have it all done by the company you’re signed up with. That is of course, if they are a quality company.

If you’re reading this and are in need of a helpful product to promote go here to see how I do it. Notice I’m offering a suite of tools, just what everybody needs. I’m currently using to generate about 10 leads per week just by promoting my squeeze pages and report. By the way, a squeeze page generator is just one of the tools you’ll need to be successful online, and is part of my tool suite in my home business.

So then, traffic exchanges are a good way to generate your own leads if you promote tools that will help other online marketers to get what they want, successful businesses.

2) Safe Lists

Online entrepreneurs are using safe lists to generate leads like never before. You may have heard that they’re useless. Well don’t write them off just yet okay, because like traffic exchanges if they are used the right way you will have success with them.

A safe list is a place where people have opted in to receive promotional emails, and where you get to send promotional emails. There is no chance of being accused of spam because everybody involved has agreed to receive such emails.

Safe lists are similar to TE’S in that you need to offer products to help others grow their business successfully. You simply write an email hit the send button and wait for a response. Generating leads using safe lists can be sporadic at times until you’ve got a winning email. They key to using them is to test every email for responses, chuck out the ones that get a low response rate and keep the ones that get higher responses.

You’ll need ad tracking software for this which you can get online for a small fee and sometimes for free. Just Google “ad tracking” and you should find something. I use my own from my primary business, which is really convenient.

Setting up your TE and safe list campaigns is a simple as following the instructions you’ll receive once you’ve signed up.

I would like to briefly mention article writing as one of the choice methods for generating fresh leads and is well worth considering, however, this would require a whole new article which I will post at a later date.


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