Is Carpet Cleaning a Do-It-Yourself Job?

Carpet cleaning ought to be a normal part of any homeowner’s cleaning schedule. Almost all major carpet manufacturers highly recommend professional carpet cleaning a minimum of once a year. After professionally cleaning carpets and rugs for many years I can truthfully say that many home owners don’t pay attention to this advice. It’s regrettable simply because proper annual maintenance cleaning can prolong the life of your costly carpets.

Although professional style carpet cleaning cannot really be accomplished with rental equipment and standard retail cleaning chemicals, many home owners look for methods to maintain their carpets without bringing in the pros. One of the keys to cleaning your floor coverings properly is having the appropriate carpet cleaning equipment for the job and the know-how to use that equipment effectively. Commercial carpet cleaning equipment can include shampooers, oscillating pad machines, hot water extractors, and vacuums. The next ingredient needed for appropriately cleaned carpets is using the correct cleaning chemical substances and using them properly.

Typically the home owner ought to first actually think about the type of carpet cleaning machines that may be used. It is very unlikely that a home owner will invest in commercial equipment which could run several thousands of dollars consequently most will accept the rentals at their nearby grocery store. Generally the option is between a shampooer or a so-called steam cleaner. The steam cleaner is simply a wet vacuum cleaner having the ability to apply a cleaning solution. The truth is any home owner can replicate this method with a commercial model wet-dry vacuum along with a pump sprayer. The shampooer really does a much better job of cleaning more often than not. But whatever machine is selected, the homeowner must be careful about leaving the carpets and rugs damp. Damp carpets can stay damp for days after cleaning if the cleaning solution and water is not extracted correctly. Of course this may lead to mold and mildew in some cases.

The most important part of carpet maintenance is actually routine dry carpet vacuuming. The normal vacuuming of carpets can prolong their life and delay that call for professional cleaning. Naturally one has got to decide how often vacuuming is necessary however I do know that in many cases people who vacuum a couple of times a week have the best looking carpets. That sand and soil which gets down into the fiber contributes to the daily wear if not eliminated. Nowadays, it seems that hoover vacuum cleaners are among the most well-liked vacuums available. Regardless of what vacuum cleaner you use, remember to clean it out after each use.

So regardless if you have the experts clean your carpets or you do it yourself, keep in mind proper care for your carpeting can save you big money on carpet replacement expenses.

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