Hummers And The Future Of SUV’s

Leaving the corporation and political wrangling around the decline of Hummer development by General Motors what exactly will the decline of the Hummer brand and reputation signify with regards to the potential of 4 wheel drive utility vehicles and SUV’s?  It’s a market that has dedicated followings for the vehicles by obsessed proponents of not merely the make but additionally of specific Marques or designs, with the Hummer you can find individuals who like the Hummer H2 more than the other versions and can fervently claim the superiority of the selected design.  For some SUV enthusiasts the Hummer represents the total pinnacle of off road vehicles, in spite of probably a larger following for vehicles like Land Rovers there still exists an entire culture supporting the GM classic.

Exactly why the Collapse of the Hummer

For the most part many people knows the Hummer was based on the military Humvee off road vehicle, the sheer weight and size of the truck means that gas use couldn’t be a worry that raised concern.  At this point with gasoline rates at a record high all over the world and the common Hummer Gasoline Usage at way below 15 miles per gallon and as little as six with the average owner finding ten to twelve mpg it’s turned in to a genuine issue for civilian owners.  Even with no need of thinking about the costs of fuel consumption there is the environmental result connected with driving such a truck which affected product sales in a bad manner.  With the green movement collecting speed internationally the justification for driving a 6 ton vehicle about the city becomes more and more difficult for even the least ecologically responsible of motorists, this has lead a lot of the prospective buyers of Hummers to check elsewhere for his or her four x four enjoyment.

Additional problems with Hummers that is without question a worry is the sheer size of them, trying to find a parking bay wide enough in most neighborhoods is practically impossible and the fact they weigh around 6 tons makes them officially illegal to use on a lot of roadways.  In the last couple of years buying a Hummer has grown to be symbolic of self-centeredness as well as greed and cultural irresponsibility ultimately causing many drivers getting attacked only for driving a real petrol guzzling beast, together with at least several violent situations.

What of the Future of Hummers

At the time of writing it’s improbable that a new buyer is going to be discovered for the brand, nevertheless this might only serve to fuel the used marketplace,with the lack of brand-new output vehicles fuelling the desire to own a pre-owned one.  In common with numerous markets, cars can be a lot more precious when an element of scarcity is created along with the trend for more compact and hybrid vehicles moving forward seeing a Hummer on our streets might be more and more remarkable.  The marketplace for Hummer Limousines will fuel this further as the more Pink Hummers used in this way increases the scarcity and also the wish to own an original classic.  Despite the fact that there are many superior and more accessible Sport utility vechicles available easily the Hummer has a really huge following that it will not go away from our roads anytime soon.

Should I Buy A Hummer?

If you’re asking that question, the reply is most likely no, go get a Land Rover as an alternative, far better gas consumption, improved performance as well as better off road capabilities and cost.  On the other hand if you are an admirer of the vehicle and can accept the ecological uncertainties of the car or truck you will buy the Hummer regardless of its inadequacies because as the old saying goes ‘love conquers all’.  The Hummer will now and in the foreseeable future stay an enigma and very much cherished and hated in seemingly equivalent numbers.

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