Garden Ant Infestations in Bolton, Bury and Radcliffe.


Ants in the house are the scourge of many houses in summer leaving many people to hate the summer and the annual flying ants invasion which they realise the summer will bring



Only the unfortunate people who have suffered it will appreciate the true horror of flying ants in their houses.



Having an infestation of ordinary wingless ants is bad enough but when they enter their yearly mating phase the situation can become dreadful.



Ants often form colonies under the floors and in the wall cavities of our houses and these colonies will live for many years if left untreated becoming progressively more annoying each year.



Our homes are warm and dry and make the perfect places for a growing ant colony; even solid hard floor is not a barrier to and ant colony.



Our house heating systems maintains their metabolism even in winter and my earliest ant treatment was on my birthday, which is in January!



Ants prefer a sandy soil and there are lots of areas in Lancashire, Cheshire and Manchester which have more ant infestations than most, Southport, Blackpool, Bolton, Sale & Altrincham come to mind as regular ant properties.



Unfortunately it is when they are in their mating period that they are most annoying. Here in Lancashire, Cheshire and Manchester this tends to be pretty regularly around the third or fourth week in July.



Ants mate on the wing and sometime around mid-summer the colony releases flying immature Queens and winged males which in nature would fly off and mate whilst flying. Many thousands of these flying ants are produced per colony and nests tend to synchronise their production so that they mate with ants from other nests.



Often this process starts after a few of days of hot, dry weather and will often last for about a week or so although smaller releases will carry on throughout most of the summer.



Unfortunately when the colony is under the floor of the house the results can be horrifying, literally thousands of flying are released into the lower rooms, collecting on windows as they go towards the light.



This can be extremely upsetting for some people leading to severe emotional upset to the extent that people learn to dread the summertime and have actually sold their house to escape the plague of ants which they know will inevitably come each summer.



The wet summers of the last three years has meant that ant call-outs were down on the preceding but ants apparently have a way of catching up and 2010 might be a particularly troublesome year.



Many people who have this problem try for DIY solutions with products from local outlets etc but mostly these efforts are doomed to failure as they are not getting to the heart of the infestation which is the nest itself, hidden away safely in the cavity wall or sub-floor area.



Luckily for many people the solution is at hand.



At Harrier Pest Control (subject to site survey) we are able to remedy this problem and give an extendable 3 year guarantee.



The process which is done mainly from the outside of the home, is perfectly safe for animals and children and produces no smell, involves drilling small holes into the cavity walls of the house, not unlike a damp-proof course injection and blowing a long lasting insecticide into the cavity wall under pressure.



This forms an uncrossable barrier over which the ants cannot go and along with a precautionary spray of the inside (if deemed necessary) will slowly bring the problem under control.



The holes, which are only 8mm in diameter are left open so it is an easy matter of topping up the cavity walls every 3 to extend the life of the guarantee in three year terms.



This procedure is best done out in the early spring however it can be done all year round.



As a very limited time offer in our quiet period we are offering 25 percent off the normalstandard price until May 30 2010. Whilst we normally cover the whole of Lancashire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester, we are willing to venture further afield but this will be at extra cost.



For a chat or to arrange an appointment contact Harrier Pest Control and Prevention on Free Phone 0800 019 8382 or 01257 230637



Ant Pest Control ? Don’t put up with ant problems, act now!

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