Examination of BringTheFresh The Rich Jerk’s brand new program

Kelly Felix, (of Rich Jerk) fame, has called Bring The Fresh your “Internet business in a Box for those who are just getting started ”, but I will have to disagree regarding a couple of areas, at least. First off, when you think of any “business in a box” item you anticipate a highly over-blown top secret technology,  prepackaged internet websites and content already prepared for you, together with loads of potential customers heading to your web site. In other words, really a push-button, all set to go process. Even though you will find there’s method discussed inside Bingthefresh, together with a pile of over the shoulder video recording teaching from these 2, there exists no software package or web-site, and earning profits with this method will actually take a certain amount of hard work. Darn!

Second, Kelly additionally advises that Bring The Fresh is designed for novices and “If you are currently making $10,000/month or higher, this program is not really for you” . To tell the truth, even though this really is a goldmine of info for virtually anyone just venturing out, Kelly Felix undersells himself and also the program a great deal in this case. Definitely a beginner receives knowledge, and more importantly a perspective for the purpose of making cash on line, that can shave months or even years as well as hundreds of dollars off  of their learning curve. Fundamentally Bring the Fresh  slices through lots of BS.

However, there is a wealth of info inside intended for advanced and even professional marketers also. Who is not going to gain a number of positive aspects coming from a real behind the scenes look at ways actual seven  figure companies are built?  Kelly also takes you  inside the “Rich Jerk” enterprise which he created from scratch back in  2005. Beginning on day one, all the way up till it became  a multi-million dollar venture. This is extremely intriguing stuff.

So what truly is BTF?

To quote Kelly once again,  “This is internet marketing 101 ON STEROIDS.”  Exactly what you obtain is over 30 hours of raw, uncut video of Mike and Kelly providing you a Front Row view while they talk strategy, assess their own achievements (and downfalls), as well as present to you step-by-step what they are executing now to generate wealth. Presently there definitely is nothing else like it at present. And also, compared with other Guru’s, they won’t just grab your money and fade away. You can find a great active regular membership through which Mike and Kelly get involved, not to mention, how often has a Big Internet marketer given you his cell phone number whenever you decided to buy his service?

You need to  give it a look yourself at www.Bring-the-fresh.com

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