Does It Feel Like One Of Those Days?

So it’s that time of year again – time for another update on what I’ve been up to lately. Things have been going well, I’ve been working hard and making that cheddar(lol). Due to the enormous online profits I’ve been making, I was able to purchase a nice new estate in the countryside for a small fortune. One other thing that I’d really been looking forward to buying was an aprilaire 2200 filter and I’ve never been happier with an air filtration device. It is truly one of the best that I’ve ever owned. I’ve just been thrilled with the high-quality performance of this machine and how it silently cleans your entire house while running softly in the background.

My family has been thrilled with the work done by this machine, now even my kids are harassing me to get one for them. I’ll think about it if they get good grades and do their chores at home. But this thing is truly a work of art. Only a week later and I already feel ten times better because of the fresher air circulating through my lungs.

One rather troublesome thing that occurred recently, however, was the malady that my wife developed during her fifth pregnancy, which caused her to look for hemroid treatment. I honestly hope nobody ever comes down with this condition, as it is one of the worst that one can contract. Thankfully, though, she was able to find a cure for it and has been doing much better ever since.

Because of my recent success, my wife had also been on my case about giving her a proper and decent vacation. Lord knows we haven’t had a good vacation in a long time – after all, the last one consisted of a brief and unsatisfying journey to Six Flags amusement park. But anyways, the other day my daughter comes out of nowhere and tells me that a really hot investment right now is cabarete real estate. I was totally shocked – is she under the impression that I’m made of money or something? We’ll have to see about that, but take care and stay safe until I speak to you again.

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