Do You Get Paid For Your Opinion?

How on earth can you get paid for your opinion participating in free paid surveys? Most definitely! If you’ve heard of market research, focus groups, and business strategy, then yes, you have a general idea on how you can get paid for your opinion.

When money becomes scarce in the market, Fortune 500 companies are spending even more cash on marketing and advertising in the hopes of stealing even more market share from its competitors.

But that doesn’t mean companies are going to foolishly throw money at a vague problem until it gets solved. That’s what most smaller companies don’t understand.

Before the Internet

Fortune 500 companies had no choice but to spend money on marketing even if it such a costly endeavor. According to Seth Godin, your success at market research would only have garnered you less than 50% success. You have no idea what you’re going to get, and it works only less than half the time. That doesn’t sound like a good way to spend shareholder dollars.

But, companies still had no choice because there was no other better indicator of company growth than marketing. When people know about you, you grow, more or less.

Before the internet, the average budget spend of market research was a huge drain on the company budget. It’s almost like even if the market research says it won’t become a hit, the company decision makers will have little choice but to push the product into the market BECAUSE of the time and money already spent on product development, market research, surveys, focus groups, revisions and retooling.

Because it was so costly, the task usually fell to sales to find a solution and help the company break even. After sales support would have been an after-thought.

The problem with before-internet market research boiled down to 2 things: time and cost.

It just took too much time and too much money to do an in-depth study. In a certain way, most companies had to take their chances and hope for success.

This is why you may not easily get paid for your opinion as much as the now.

The Internet Opened The Floodgates

But things started to change once the internet built up some steam and got into every house and home in the world.

The two problems of market research, time and cost was suddenly nullified. The cost of adding 1 more respondent a survey was reduced to almost zero, and the time it took to conduct a survey was accelerated almost 10 times as fast.

Almost overnight, marketing took this new form of marketing and milked it for all its worth. Personal emails were swamped with companies wanting to know what people thought whether they asked for it or not. Spam became a byword for all that is hated about unsolicited mail and it became a large problem. Eventually, people found a way to block spam, and with it the best way for companies to reach its customers. Consumers were just too overwhelmed by information they neither cared for or wanted.

That’s when companies hatched on an age-old plan. They bribed you.

And that is why you’re going to get paid for your opinion, and paid well for it.


Find Out How You Can Get Paid For Your Opinion


Yes,you can get paid for your opinion for just a few minutes a day with just a computer and an internet connection anywhere in the world.

To get you started, or if you are totally new to the industry, please take the time to view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) site at the Get Paid For Your Opinion FAQ. It is a guide that will give you an overview on what to expect and what pitfalls to avoid in the exciting world of free paid surveys.

Welcome to the world of Free Paid Surveys!

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