Check Out These AV Receivers That Are 3D Ready

The dawn of 3D playback has caused a big stir among major electronics manufacturers this year. Electronics leaders like Onkyo, Denon, Samsung and Pioneer are not taking their chances and have introduced many components including bluray disc players, av rx and Hdtvs that are 3d ready so that market share is not compromised.

Pioneer and Onkyo are first off the blocks new a/v receivers that are primed to take advantage of the 3-D technology. Onkyo released the TX-SR308, TX-SR508 and TX-SR608 A/V receivers recently and Pioneer followed suit with the Pioneer VSX-1020-K and Pioneer VSX-1120-K.

These are sensibly priced receivers but they all come with a rich and mouth-watering feature set. HDMI version 1.4 support is standard for these receivers as this is the new HDMI standard for 3D playback.

The Pioneer av amps are network capable and can receive thousands of internet radio stations when connected online. 1080P upscaling is now the norm for these new generation receivers, so is support for all the most recent audio surround codecs such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby Pro Logic IIz.

They will also enhance sound from your low resolution sources using the Advanced Sound Retriever (AIR) circuitry and are wireless bluetooth capable, so that sound quality is almost like a CD. These Pioneer AV receivers certainly over delivers in their product promise and is an absolute great buy for the performance and features.

The Onkyo receivers come with something that the Pioneers do not have and that is Audyssey DSX surround playback. Modern generation av rcvrs have got state-of-the-art room correction procedures to balance out the frequency response of room acoustics so that you do not get too boomy bass or shrieky highs. Check out the full Onkyo TX-SR608 review for more information, features and specs.

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