Cerebral Palsy often the result of medical negligence

Cerebral palsy is a very common brain injury that is sometimes brought on by problems while giving birth. It can also occur at other points within a pregnancy before or after delivery.

Cerebral palsy is a non-progressive disorder, which means that someone with cerebral palsy does not continue to worsen as time goes by. However, the symptoms of the disorder can change as they get older.

The onset of cerebral palsy has been found to be caused by certain conditions that can take place during pregnancy, while the child is being delivered or during the first years of a baby’s life. These include:

* Mother taking certain medications during pregnancy

* Bacterial meningitis

* Lack of oxygen

* Bleeding in the brain

* Genetic disorders

* Insufficient blood flow to the brain during or after pregnancy

The tell tale signs of cerebral palsy may take time to manifest in a child. For example, some of the warning signs that a child may have cerebral palsy include slower than normal development in terms of rolling over, crawling, or talking. The child may also have abnormal or decreased muscle tone, unusual posture and decreased coordination, and problems seeing or hearing.

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