Aussie Healthcare Sheepskins

Aussie Health-related Sheepskins minimize the likelihood of bedsores by roughly 58 %!

2003 trial within the Royal Melbourne Hospital


Bed sores (AKA pressure sores, pressure wounds and pressure ulcers) certainly are a commonly encountered problem experienced by people who are confined to bed rest or to a wheelchair. Constrained movement owing to illness, invalidity or hospitalization creates pressure on the skin at points where your body’s weight is supported – normally the lower back, butt, shoulders and heels. This closes the tiny blood vessels near the skin’s surface and prevents vital nutrients from reaching the skin tissue in the affected area.

The result skin tissue dies and bedsores form. Prevent Bedsores with a Medical Sheepskin

Worryingly, bedsores can be cultivated within a matter of hours, and if untreated will deteriorate into deep decubitis ulcers, eating through muscle, tendon and even bone!

The elderly are most at risk because their skin is really delicate. Persistent rubbing with their knees, elbows or arms against sheets can be a source of bedsores as could any other friction where your skin layer and bone move around in separate directions.

The Solution to Bed Sores & Pressure Ulcers

Bedsores are Totally Avoidable. All that it takes is for your skin that should be PROTECTED from unnecessary pressure and friction,and the right PROTECTION SYSTEM AVAILABLE Is definitely an Aussie MEDICAL SHEEPSKIN RUG!

Medical sheepskin rugs are widely used in hospitals and nursing facilities throughout Australia. When placed underneath a patient or wrapped around them, the ultra-soft wool and specially buffed hide provides a gentle cushion for their skin. The patient’s weight is distributed more evenly spanning a wider area, lowering the danger of bedsores attributable to pressure and friction.

Launched in 1997, the Australian Medical Sheepskin appeared to be a world first in pressure ulcer care and pressure ulcer prevention.

Then, in August 2000, researchers began the world’s largest clinical trial on pressure ulcer treatment method and stress ulcer prevention using medical sheepskin.

Working on bedsores, the trial was executed by the Royal Melbourne Hospital plus the CSIRO Textile and Fibre Technology Leather Research Centre, with funding through the National Health Medical Research Council.

The final results confirmed the benefits of medical sheepskin in pressure ulcer prevention and pressure ulcer treatment.

Bedsores can start in patients (both young and old) within 4 hours of their being immobilised in bed. Bedsores cost the Aussie health-related system in excess of A$350 million a year, slowing the recovery and prolonging the medical stays of numerous patients.

Regardless that the beauty of medical sheepskin in pressure ulcer treatment has become clearly established in the last 60 years, the relatively new HiTemp medical sheepskin, featuring a remarkable long-lasting, washable and hardwearing properties, and longer wool length provides improved pressure relief and support.

Tests prove that sufferers using medical sheepskin for pressure ulcer treatment take advantage of a reduction in pressure in excess of 50%, when compared to an ordinary bed mattress or bed mattress cover.

During days gone by, reference to poor performance in preventing and treating bedsores is associated with the use of synthetic or low density tufted woollen products.

Health care bodies and the general public are unaware of the greater differences between true health care sheepskin along with other artificial solutions. These great differences relate to cushioning, moisture absorption and friction, and have a remarkable effect on bedsores.

The greatly improved performance and toughness for the HiTemp medical sheepskin (above 50 washes in hot water), along with the benefit to cost ratio has ensured its success currently.

Favourable responses from caregiving & washing team, and patients alike are testament to the quality of this product as well as effectiveness with which it treats and prevents bedsores.

You will have a choice of two medical sheepskin types – ‘Yellow’ & ‘Green’.

Awesome Softness- 25mm long premium-grade wool combed 8-times in multiple directions

Practical Comfort – Absorbs approximately 36% of its dry weight in moisture without becoming damp, keeping you cool in summer months and warm during cold weather

Quick Care – Washable to 60c / 140 f

Excellent Durability- Hard-wearing style that should last for a long time

Uncompromising Quality – Only Australian sheepskins treated with the finest tanning process utilized

Flexible – the under side of the skin is buffed as many as 10 times to allow a clean and soft finish.

Additionally,our ‘Green’ sheepskin medical rug offers: -

Higher Temperature Urine & Blood Resistance – Washable to 80c / 176f WITHOUT Degeneration —- (‘GREEN’ ONLY)

Added Relaxation -The wool length is 33mm long (exceeding Aussie standards)

These Health-related underlays or sheepskins are are approx. 36 – 45″ long and 26 – 28″ wide.

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