A Quick Analysis of the Symbolism in Celtic Knot Wedding Rings

The design of Celtic knot wedding rings have always been popular, but with more & more men wearing wedding rings they are now experiencing yet another growth in popularity. Most people will wear Celtic rings for women for two reasons, either as a fashion accessory or because it means something to them. If you want to make sure that your Celtic jewelry rings do not go out of fashion and end up in the bottom of a jewelry box then you need to make sure by buy something with meaning.

Before you can buy with meaning you will need to understand what the different symbols represent. There are many different styles of Celtic jewelry, however, there are three which are increasingly being chosen as wedding rings and signs of commitment. Below is a brief description of these three designs.

The Claddagh Ring is a very popular design for both women and men’s Celtic rings. The story behind the Claddagh ring is that an Irish man was being shipped off to slavery & was kidnapped by pirates and sold to a Moorish goldsmith who realized his talent and and taught him the goldsmith trade and craft. When the slaves were given freedom in 1689 Joyce decided to return to Ireland where he found that his sweetheart had waited for him. Joyce presented her with a ring which symbolised their friendship, love and loyalty. This was the first Claddagh ring. While two men were digging for potatoes they found a chalice. This was the Ardagh Chalice. It is believed to be either early ninth or late eight century and is the best example of the craftsmanship of this time. The design of the Warrior Ring is taken from the pattern and shield on the chalice. This become associated with associated with strength & loyalty.

In Celtic jewelry rings there are three main elements you will find, either on their own, or more intricately combined together. Of course you can always choose your Celtic jewelry rings because you like the way they look. You will now quite often see a Claddagh ring with either the knot or weave pattern around the remaining band of the ring.

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