5 top SEO tips

SEO Tips form Central Groove a Website Design Plymouth company


1. Create a Landing Page

As soon as you know what your domain name is going to be, get a simple landing page live as soon as possible. It can be just  text  if necessary but include Meta Titles, H1 Title Tags and it will need about a page of text with contact details. Link to your new domain from somwhere else. By the time you come to launch your new website the search engines should know that the domain name exisits and this will potentially speed up the indexation of your new site.

2. Upload XML Sitemap

These search engines allow you to submit XML sitemaps through their webmaster tools. Doing this is like submitting all of the pages & URL’s on your website to the search engine and telling them their location. XML Sitemaps is an online tool that will create an XML sitemap for you:

Tool: www.xml-sitemaps.com

3. Optimise all Meta Titles

The Meta Title of each page is one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimisation. Make sure that all the Meta titles are descriptive as well as being individual to each page. If you can’t do this manually a good first step is to ask your development team to create the titles dynamically.

4. Choose your keywords and phrases

The first stage is to choose what keywords (or more aptly, phrases) you want to optimize your site for.  It’s only really possible to optimize a page for 1 or 2 key phrases, so for example if you are selling gizmos, gadgets and gubbins from a store in London, with free shipping in the UK, your 6 key phrases might be:

“London gizmos”, “London gadgets”, “London gubbins”
“UK gizmos”, “UK gadgets” and “UK gubbins”

At the start of the Search Engine Optimization process, it’s better to focus on 2-4 word phrases that include your most important keywords, as there will be less competition for longer phrases, however by optimizing for a longer phrase, you are also optimizing for all the phrases within it (so for example, by optimizing for “buy gizmos in London, UK” you are also optimizing for “buy gizmos”, “gizmos in London”, etc.)

5. Coding

When a search engine indexes a website, it examines the code, meaning that minor errors in the code could result in an incomplete index of the page, and rankings could suffer.  This is one SEO tip that should always be used.  Performing professional search engine marketing uses such SEO tips as part of the design.  That the code is the heart of a web page, and it should always be carefully examined, is an excellent start to basic SEO work.


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