Insurance Advice To Avoid An Insurnce Dispute

Just about all people buy an insurance product  – be it homeowners insurance or another – without reflecting much about what they’re actually buying. First thing is the premium or the amount you pay for it. Premium is the single biggest cause of the insurance coverage purchase that seems to concern most buyers. In addition to other essentials of the insurance product people purchase, the concerns are almost absent. The majority of purchasers seem to unknowingly think that the insurance policies they purchase is the same, no matter which company you buy it from. This attitude is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of what an insurance policy is - and how the insurance industry is run. It can also cause insurance disputes.

Of course It’s of the utmost importance not to pay too much for any insurance products than necessary. But, sometimes we’re unaware of the coverages we have with our homes until we file a claim. That is when people discover that there was not suitable coverage limits available for damages. Unfortunately, the majority of insureds discover this after it’s too late. Such large claims like fire damage or flood damage that can lead to exorbitant repairs. Owners of motorcycles, boats or motor-homes will be surprised to learn that neither their homeowners policy nor their auto provides coverage for any loss affiliated with such items.

Inland marine or non-traditional policies falls under a custom sector of insurance. Such type of insurance deals with property or items that does not traditionally fall under a typical property or automobile insurance. These items can include boats, snowmobiles, ATV’s and individual watercraft. You may find that your current insurance provider does not even write policies for these types of toys, in which case you will need to consult a specialty insurance company.

Claims happen be it in our home, car/truck or even riding our ATV. By being sure you have adequate coverage you can prevent a small incident from exploding into a financial nightmare. Imagine suffering a fire or tornado claim that cost $250,000… yet only having coverage for $150,000. In our business we see such tragic events everyday that we assist policyholders with their insurance disputes. Educating yourself about your insurance limits can ensure you quash costly situations at a later on date.


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